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| "My scream wasn't loud enough so I let it out through the literature" |

Stiles Stilinski - “What We Are” 

You and Stiles act awfully couple-y and everyone starts asking you whether you’re dating or not, but you can’t even answer that question, so you have to ask Stiles himself, which ends up getting you stuck in his kitchen for a very awkward dinner with his Dad. 

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Derek, out of all people, was the first to ask, yet you didn’t think about it much. It was while the two of you were making cookies in the loft for Melissa for Mother’s Day. “You have a date with your boyfriend tonight?” Derek asked in that tone of his which makes him sound like he couldn’t care less even though he sort of does care -you know, in his own little Derek way.

            “My boyfriend?” You ask, crinkling your nose.


            Instead of giving him a real answer, you stare off into space with confusion for a moment before beginning to read the cookie recipe out loud to him so that he can fetch the ingredients.

            Lydia was the second to ask.

            “Did you go see Stiles today?” She asked on a Saturday evening while you braided her hair during your weekly movie night.

            “No. Though, I did go to his place last night after the pack meeting. Why?”

            Her back was turned to you, but you knew that she was smirking. “He was quite touchy with you last night. What did you do when you got back to his place?”

            Supposedly, you could tell her what the two of you did -which was each other -but that was none of her business. “We watched that Michael J. Fox movie where he turns into a werewolf.”

            She doesn’t ask about it again until Monday morning when the two of you are standing with Kira at your locker. Lydia makes a point, while pursing her lips, to reach out and poke the photo that you have in your locker of you and Stiles in a photo booth. Everyone’s seen the photos of him kissing your cheek, or you poking his nose, and even the last one where he’s smiling too much while trying to kiss you; everyone has seen these photos but suddenly she was pointing it out. “You guys make a cute couple,” Lydia told you.

            “We aren’t a couple.” You didn’t even look at the photo.

            Kira looked puzzled. “You’re not? But- that makes no sense. He kissed you in front of me just yesterday after breakfast at Scott’s house.”

            “Purely friendly. He kissed my cheek.” It wasn’t true, but maybe Kira would fall for it.

            “Alright… Well, I do think he likes you.” Even though Kira sort of fell for it, Lydia was still squinting her eyes at you. You tried ignoring her stares, and then Kira was gesturing down the hall. “Hey look who it is.”

            Alongside Scott, Stiles was walking right towards the three of you. When you shut your locker, Scott was poking your side.

            “Good morning. Are we still up for videogames after school?” Scott asks; his smile perfectly bright for the foggy morning.

            “If I survive Econ,” you grinned. Your eyes flickered over to Stiles, who was clutching onto his backpack straps and smiling softly at you.

            As the bell rung, your friends started scattering to class, but before you could do the same, Stiles took hold of your hand. “Do you seriously have to hang out with Scott today? You’ve seen him play video games. He always reaches for the chip bowl at the wrong time and then suddenly,” Stiles waved his spare arm around dramatically, “there’s chips everywhere!”

            Despite your laugh, you had to tell him, “I do have to. I like hanging out with him. Geez, you’re not my only friend.”

            “Well,” Stiles scratched the back of his neck, “we’re not friends, exactly. You’re like… Uh-” But then Stiles was cut off by Finstock who was yelling at the two of you to get to class. Stiles released your hand. “I’ll catch you at lunch.”

            That day you couldn’t think. You most likely didn’t do very well on your Econ pop quiz because of Stiles. You avoided him at lunch time, and basically sped all the way to Scott’s house when the final bell rang. Luckily, Scott didn’t seem to notice the way that you dragged him out of the school and ran a red light.

            “Oh, so in chemistry class, Stiles was-” Scott started telling you a story while the two of you sat in his room, but you cut him off.

            “Can we not talk about Stiles?” You asked right before shooting a zombie’s brains out.

            “But it’s funny. He got in trouble because the teacher heard him talking about how cool it is to find dead bodies. Now, if it was Finstock, he would’ve been all good, but nope, Stiles got detention because he’s apparently a mentally disturbed child. That makes no sense to me.”

            “That’s nice.”

            “Are you okay? He’s your boyfriend. This is so funny. Now you can make fun of him. You should be saying Thank you, Scotty!”

            You quickly grab a chip before replying. “He’s not my boyfriend. Why does everyone keep saying that?”

            “Well, the two of you do kiss a lot and everyone sees you hold hands practically 24/7. Oh, and maybe because you’re sleeping together,” Scott blurted out just as you were munching on some chips.

            “How did you know that!? He didn’t tell you did he? I’m going to kill him!” You mumble angrily through your full mouth.

            “He didn’t tell me. I can smell it on you, you gross teenager, you.”

            You had to pause the video game because you felt lightheaded. “You didn’t tell anyone, did you?”

            “No. But I’m sure they’ve figured it out. Especially Derek. Oh, he knows. Particularly because Derek sort of lives with you so he has to hear everything whenever Stiles comes over and-“

            “I get it!”

            Scott took a sip of some soda. “Are you okay?”

            “Has Stiles ever said that we’re dating?”

            “No. He just never shuts up about you. It’s annoying, really. But I guess it’s payback for what I used to do with Allison. I still do that, actually.”

            You smiled to yourself. “He never shuts up about me?”

            “God no. He’s such so love struck that it’s nauseating and I should be mad at you for doing it to him, but then again I can’t be mad at you because it’s so sweet seeing the two of you together.”

            “I need to talk to him. Crap, Scott, I really need to figure out what the two of us are.”


            “No,” you furrow your eyebrows, “I mean, if the two of us are dating or not. Are we just friends with benefits or…”

            “Is it love?” He seemed pretty amused as he leaned back holding the chip bowl. You nodded and of course, he told you to go.


             You had planned out everything you were going to say on the car ride to Stiles’ house; you basically had a script planned out in your mind and it was awesome. Right when Stiles opened the door, you were going to say it, and it was going to be amazing and you were going to live happily ever after, except it wasn’t Stiles who answered the door, it was his dad.

            “(Y/N)? Hello. I didn’t know you were coming over. Stiles is helping me with dinner right now,” The sheriff greeted.

            “Oh. I can come back tomorrow, sorry,” You quickly tried to excuse yourself because your plan was failing you.

            “Come join us! We have plenty of Chinese food to go around.” He practically dragged you inside.

            You swear repeatedly to yourself in your head, but you can’t turn back now, especially when you walk into their kitchen to see Stiles wearing a simple black t-shirt; the sleeves cling around his biceps in a pleasing way, and you feel a sense of serenity seeing him wear it while opening a box of takeout.

            “Dad, who was it- Oh,” Stiles pauses and stares at you. “Y/N. Hi.”

            “Set a plate for her. She’s staying for dinner.”

            “I didn’t know we were setting plates,” Stiles raises an eyebrow. “It’s just takeout. I was going to take it out to the backyard and eat it by myself.”

            “Well, we’re setting plates now!” The sheriff announces, getting out the cutlery.

            You stare at Stiles, quite nervously. He smiles at you and sets the table really quickly. As he walks by you to get to his seat you whisper, “I’m sorry, I needed to talk to you and I didn’t realize your dad was going to be home and-“

            “It’s okay,” he says softly, rubbing your arm. “It’s more than okay, actually. This is nice for me. For you, it might kind of suck because my dad likes to ask weird questions so I’m really sorry-“

            “So, (Y/N), I don’t see you very often,” John remarks. “Stiles never shuts up about you. I hear you’re still living with that Derek kid.”

            “Dad,” Stiles casts his dad an embarrassed look as he takes a seat.

            You take a seat across from the sheriff. “I do, yeah. Though, Derek’s not really a kid…”

            “I can’t even imagine living with him. It’s probably worse than living with Stiles. The kid is so loud. He broke two plates last week because he spent five hours watching YouTube videos on how to spin them,” the Sheriff glares right at his son.

            “Dad, seriously?” Stiles glares right back.

            “Uh..” you stare between the two of them, “Derek isn’t so bad. He’s quiet. And he has great reflexes so we don’t break any plates.”

            “But you’re still dating this kid,” John grins, gesturing to his son.

            “Please stop,” Stiles frowns at his dad just as you say, “Oh, we aren’t dating- I mean-“

            The two of them are then looking at you. John is confused but you can’t really read Stiles’ expression. The fact that he’s not saying anything isn’t really helping your situation either.

            “You’re not dating?” John repeats as a question.

            “Well we aren’t not dating,” Stiles stares at you for a moment before quickly glancing back at his dad.

            You try to just eat your food, hoping that they change the subject. Apparently, they all have the same idea as you, so it ends up in all of you sitting quietly, eating your food and not making eye contact with one another.

            “Um,” you speak up, “thank you for having me. I really should get going though.”

            Stiles puts down his chopsticks as he finishes eating, and he looks at you with disappointment, as if he doesn’t want you to leave.

            “It was nice seeing you again,” The sheriff smiles, but it seems forced.

            “I uh… wait, I can help wash the dishes?” You suggest as Stiles stands up, taking your plate for you.

            “No, you don’t have to-”

            You cut John off, “I want to.”

            “I have never heard of a kid wanting to wash the dishes but alright,” John sighs and stands up. “I have to head out anyways. Late shift again.”

            Stiles hugs his dad goodbye before grabbing his plate for him. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

            “Bye, Sherriff,” you smile, heading over to the sink. He gives you a little wave before he actually leaves.

            Even when he’s gone, you still feel really awkward as you stand and begin to wash the dishes. Stiles leans against the counter, watching you as he waits to dry.

            “Sorry about him,” he finally says after what feels like two years of silence.

            “He didn’t do anything wrong. He’s just a dad.”

            “We haven’t really labelled our relationship yet, and he just always assumes stuff, and-“

            “That’s why I came here actually.” You bite your lip, putting the cleaned plate down to be rinsed and then dried.

            He blinks. “What?”

            You turn to him but don’t quite look at him just yet. “I had a plan of what to say and everything. It was going to be really romantic and your dad wasn’t supposed to be here and-“

            “Romantic?” He cuts you off grinning.

            “I-” you cut yourself off and look at him. His smile angers you because it’s so adorably distracting. He shouldn’t be allowed to smile at you like that, because instead of telling him how you feel, you end up kissing him right there next to the sink, while you’re still holding the dish towel.

            Before you can wrap your fingers in his hair, he’s pulling back and saying it all for you. “You came here to ask me if we were really dating or not.”

            “Yes I did.”

            His pink lips turn up into another one of his smiles. “Well, I’d really love it if we could be actually dating. You can call me your boyfriend and everything. You can be the Kurt to my Blaine.”

            “Is that a Glee reference?”

            “What other couple do you know where their names are Kurt and Blaine?”

            You laugh. “That’s true. But can I be Blaine instead?”

            He kisses your nose. “Whatever you want.”


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